NSU Barnett WeightRm 448

Boys State Band and Chorus – Each day time is set aside for special activities including band and chorus. Northern State University faculty lead band and chorus rehearsals which culminates in a mini concert at the end of the week.

NSU Barnett WeightRm 448
NSU Barnett Center Weight Room

Sports Facilities – Northern State sports facilities are available to citizens during activity time for organized and recreational sports action.  NSU’s basketball facilities, softball fields, pool, weight room and other facilities provide citizens with a variety of options.

Meals – Meals are served in the NSU cafeteria with a variety of options.  Meals are provided by the American Legion and feature an all you can eat buffet.  Menus include pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs, salads, soups and full meal entrees.

Elections – Elections begin on day two as citizens elect mayors and city council members.  As city government begins to take shape, the citizens expand government to the county level where county commissioners and related officers are elected.  Elections continue as legislators, circuit judges and others are elected followed by state-wide selection of the Governor and state officers.  The Supreme Court is also elected at this time.

By this time all aspects of government in a typical state are functional. The model is based on South Dakota laws and practices.  The legislature creates legislation, hears from lobbyists, debates and passes or defeats bills and when passed moves them on the newly elected Governor for his signature or veto.

BS MakingCase 200
Boy Stater Making His Case

At the same time the court system in in session with practicing judges assisting with procedure.  District courts hear local cases and the Boys State Supreme Court hears cases related to constitutional issues.  South Dakota Chief Justice David Gilbertson assists with the Boys State Supreme Court and citizens are moved to the Brown County Courthouse to provide a more realistic environment.